It is all about learning management

How are you managing your training program?

If you have not made the move to centralize and maximize your training efforts with the technology that is available today, why not?

Let’s start at the beginning since if you are reading this you are probably debating how eLearning tactics can benefit your organization. Let’s go all the way back to the beginning and review the history of online learning with the infographic below:

Online Learning

Online learning has been around a long time and it has a long future ahead of it. I am not sure that I agree that the cost of high speed internet is a ‘Con’ but I understand what they are trying to say. MOOCs are gaining popularity and media attention, as well.

The most important point of the infographic is that students will be brought up with online learning and will carry those ideas into their future workplaces. They will be ready, willing and even expect their employers to provide online training.

So, what is an online training platform? With learning management systems (LMSs) you can engage your employees by leveraging a collaborative and professional learning environment that they actually want participate with. Getting everyone on the same page is important, but here are a few other benefits with using an LMS:

  1. Reduce costs: You can significantly reduce the costs associated with live training sessions. Travel, lost productivity, printed materials, paid speakers, and other live training costs can be a thing of the past. Plus, some of the leading online training programs do not have user fees, so you can get everyone involved without having to manage prohibitive license/seat/user fees.
  2. Ondemand content: Get the right material to the right people when they actually need it. This can drastically improve job performance. If you haven’t started to ‘digitize’ your valuable content, stop reading this and start getting that done because you will need it.
  3. Store informal knowledge: An LMS can become a repository for all of the informal knowledge and experience your key employees have instead of it disappearing when they leave the organization. That information can be stored with other learning materials to help new employees avoid common mistakes and learn their job faster.
  4. Save time: Let employees self-direct themselves to the content they need to take an active role in their career progression. And, easily get reporting, tracking, certifications and other pertinent information at your fingertips to better manage user groups.
  5. Reduce IT burden: Most online learning platforms are available as a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering. That means that your platform exists on dedicated servers managed by your LMS provided to make it available 24/7 on any device without having to overburden your IT dept. This keeps costs and IT dept. involvement down – and that will make everyone happy.

This list can go on and on since the benefits of an LMS are relative to the organizations needs. What is comes down to is : What are your learning management goals? Define that first because without knowing that, you cannot find the right system to help you reach those goals.

After all of this information, it brings us back to the original point :
It is all about learning management

Now, what are you going to do to make a difference?